Sciatic pain is the longest nerve that runs through your body and is one of the most important. The sciatic nerve starts at your spinal cord, rushes through your hips and buttocks, and then down each leg.

The pain usually comes when the nerve is irritated or inflamed. The pain usually happens on one side of the body. The pain can be minor to major. Sometimes you may experience throbbing pain on one side of your hip bone that you can even walk or stand. The pain can involve a slight sensation of moderate to severe pain in your back, hips, and legs. With sciatica pain, you may also feel weakness, shooting or sharp pain, or numbness in these areas. Talk to your doctor about Back pain treatment nj, and don’t hesitate to clear your doubts.

Symptoms That May Cause Sciatica Pain:

The pain happens because when the sciatic nerve is under pressure, one or more neurological signs may accompany the back pain down your hip bone. A few examples of accompanying symptoms include:

Weakness in the thigh muscles:

When the thigh muscles are impacted, you may feel weak when trying to put the thighs jointly.

Weakness in the leg and foot muscles:

When the leg muscles are impacted, you may experience weakness while bending the knee or pointing the foot and toes forward or upward and downward. These problems may result in difficulty lifting the foot’s front part while walking. There may also be difficulty in sitting position or trying to walk on tiptoes.


You may feel numbness or sensation loss when the nerve impulses cannot pass through the sciatic nerve. The most common parts impacted by numbness or sensation is the side of the calf, the heel, the sole, and the foot.

What are the treatment options for sciatica pain?

When you visit the back pain specialist new jersey, your specialist will likely discuss the symptoms, diagnose sciatica, and give suggestions for treating your pain. Start the activities and continue daily as much as possible. Resting, like lying in bed or avoiding activity, can worsen your pain.


Try gentle stretching of your lower back to relax the muscles. It may be helpful. To do the activity correctly, contact physical therapy or even yoga instruction from a physical therapist or instructor trained to deal with your back pain.

You can also see free videos online to help you find the proper stretches. Also, consult a back pain doctor in the woodland park before starting a stretching routine.

Over-the-counter medication:

You may also consult for over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, which can help with pain management, inflammation, and swelling. Take the medicines after asking your doctor, as excessive use of aspirin can cause difficulties like stomach bleeding and ulcers.

Regular exercise:

Stay active, and take less rest. It can worsen the pain. The more active you stay, the more endorphins your body firings. Endorphins are pain relievers created by your body. Perform low-impact activities like swimming and stationary bicycling, and then slowly move forward.

As your pain decreases and your endurance improve, you can make an exercise regimen that includes aerobics and strength training. This can reduce your risk of future back problems. Always talk with a medical professional or back doctor nj before starting a new exercise routine to ensure safety.

In Conclusion:

It is necessary to have sciatic nerve pain treatment. Talk to your doctor for more details. Book an appointment now and discuss your back pain symptoms.

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